Thursday, 27 March 2008

Photoshop trees

Repeating the image with out making any transformations except the scale. I like the way that such organic images appear to be quite spacey!

Tree patterns

Spring is showing it's face again and i've managed to get out and make a start at sketching. The doodle type patterns within the tree shape are reminiscent of the buds arriving.

Print and pattern

I recently decided to put the myskirt idea on the back boiler for a while. I am now concentrating on repeat patterns for print. I'm not thinking about what the final product/outcome will be and just concentrating on drawing and manipulating the images using photoshop. Take alook at this blogspot it's very inspirational.
This is an image of my first repeat print. The imagery was flowers from the University campus grounds, drawn on my wacom tab and coloured using a range of pantones for Spring and summer 2008. Alongside is a fabric i designed using 1950's pin up girls as inspiration and using them as dress-up models. This is also repeated and printed on to haboutai silk. Some of the girls are modelling some of my designs for skirts. Further along is a vintage dummy wearing a digitally printed linen skirt. These were all designed for the University college Falmouth staff show.