Thursday, 24 January 2008

Lilly Taylor

This is my beautiful Grand-daughter Lilly. If you want to see more images go to her blogspot.

Cover up!

Please allow these pin-up girls some modesty by drawing them each a skirt. Copy this image to your computer and using any drawing program, your creativity, style and individuality, design as many as you wish but please consider: -

A-line, straight, full circle, pencil etc
Tight fitting, loose, pleated, floaty, flirty etc
Micro, mini, above knee, calf or ankle length etc
Large motifs, repeat pattern, spots, hem only etc
Solid, contrasting, complimentary, Stripes etc

Once you have completed it, please post it back as a comment or email me at

Many thanks

Stay Inspired

We are creatures of routine. We have a way of doing things.
Try new. Try different. Try wild. Try unexpected.
Wear black? Try white. Speak Fast? Try slow.
Always wound up? Try to relax. Always down? Be happy, it gets easier.
Normally safe? Take a risk. Like the city? Try the coast.
Try wild. Try the unexpected. Try new.
Stay inspired....

Take a look at Bob Berry is a local (In Cornwall) photographer, i have admired his work for many years and hope to be this good one day!

Monday, 7 January 2008

Design your own t-shirts

Research into web based design your own clothing websites has shown that there is nothing similar to However Streetshirts is a similar concept for t-shirts