Sunday, 23 August 2009

Yoga Libra elements

Yoga mat
Digitally printed imagery onto Hemp/Ramie, organic cotton wadding, natural scrim backing, with fresh local lavender trapped within the layers of fabrics .

Digitally printed onto arctic wool and backed with organic cotton/wool fabric, snuggly and warm for Shavasana.

Lovelane caravans

I stumbled across Lovelane Caravans.
Whilst it was the imagery that initially tempted me in I was pleasantly surprised to find it is in Constantine, Cornwall. (Not too far from me). A selction of gorgeous restored caravans available for holidaying in.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Caravan ..... two weeks to go!

The van is back from the sign writers and looks great. Overall it looks fab until you look a little closer and start seeing the mistakes they made. I was a little disappointed with the final outcome but can sort it myself.
My friend Lizzie spent days chatting and picking at the odd shapes and misfits, Thank-You so much. Eric has been amazing helping to silcone seal the edges, fit the carpet and drill and screw various elements on for me, again Thank-you so very much!

Door mirrors:- Me doing Vriksha-Asana pose (TREE), photograph converted to a vector line file, chakras placed on the body image and then laser cut using a Trotec cutter. The idea is the stand in front of the mirror and check your own chakra alignment.

Here are some work in progress / sneak preview images...

Front window blind

Rear window blinds (Jacquard woven design)

Battery candles (For H&S!) in slate holders

Green Tara Goddess etched into acrylic block.

Fire elements on the shrine.

Yoga Libra...A name for my caravan.

My 1971 Astral Scout caravan has a name. Yoga Libra.
Yoga means "Union between mind, body and Soul" and Libra is my star sign, the horoscope symbol is the Scales....balance.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Cool Caravans

Caravans are officially cool! This article in The Guardian explains why.

La Rosa campsite.

La Rosa campsite in Yorkshire is a campsite filled with old gypsy caravans and circus tents. Take a look.