Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Dolls and toys

These are a selection of some of the bunnies i have been creating.

Looking at Anti-Slavery

Trafficking affects thousands of women and men in Russia. Women are trafficked from all over the country and forced to work as prostitutes or domestic workers and men are trafficked into agricultural or construction work. They are taken to countries throughout the world including Germany, Greece and Portugal as well as the United States and Israel. In the Russian Far-East women may be trafficked to China, Japan or Thailand.
Traffickers exploit people's desperation to escape from the deteriorating economy which has affected much of Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Organised criminal gangs take advantage of the lack of possibilities for legal migration. They operate through false employment agencies offering "good jobs" abroad as waitresses, dancers, nurses, au pairs or labourers. The salaries promised are well above what they can hope to earn in Russia and in many cases the agency arranges their transport and visas.However, the reality is often very different and the dream of a bright future soon turns into a nightmare. On arrival their papers are taken away. Women are forced to work in brothels as prostitutes and are controlled through mental abuse and physical violence including beatings and rape. Men are forced to work long hours for little or no pay on construction sites or in agriculture.

The Cutting Edge of Wallpaper

The Cutting Edge of Wallpaper looks at the techniques, products and designers at the forefront of contemporary wallpaper design. Divided into chapters according to the characteristics of wallpaper (geometric, architectural, figurative and interactive/ technical), the designers include Jane Gordon Clark, Neisha Crosland, Tracey Kendall, Timorous Beasties and over 70 others.

Wallpaper has recently experienced something of a renaissance. After years of minimalism; of plastered walls painted in neutral colours, people are again coming round to the idea of individual expression in
interior design. The enormous variety and scope that wallpaper allows for means that it is, at last, hip once more.

Three essays look at the medium in depth. The first explores the history of wallpaper, and how it has evolved. A second looks at wallpaper today, and the third, by Charles Stuckey, looks at the crossover between wallpaper and fine art. A beautiful, vividly illustrated publication, this book is sure to appeal to anyone with an interest in design.

Cath Kidston, Jocelyn Warner, Neisha Crosland, Timorous Beasties, Allegra Hick, Jackson Chang, The Designers Republic, Wook Kim, Cole and Son, Blik, Rachel Kelly, Squigee, Paper Mills, Jane Gordon Clark, et al

Pattern Design by Lou Andrea Savoir

Discusses pattern designs and their variations, and maps the spectrum of their possible applications, such as wallpaper, furniture, interior design, and clothes. Featuring work from pattern designers from around the world, this book celebrates the various aspects of pattern design. It is suitable for designers and artists working in all mediums. Includes a CD rom with the patterns on.

Patterns by Drusilla Cole

Pattern is back, and what better way to celebrate its revival than with a cool compendium of the best pattern design from around the globe? This exciting new book showcases some of the most innovative pattern designs, including graphics, textiles, fashion, furnishings, ceramics, tiles, wallpaper, and stationery. While many of the featured designers work commercially, others are independent players whose work is cutting-edge even though, or perhaps because, they don't follow conventional techniques or disciplined structures. Figurative, funky, abstract, pixel-based, graphic, or retro patterns are all featured in this visual feast of the best work to emerge in the last five years.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

My Skirt

A website encorporating customer led design.

Design your own skirt, it will be digitally printed, sewn and embellished then returned within one week.

This is the holding page only, website in progress.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Websites I love....

Colour website, make and upload your own colour palettes and view others. Great for inspiration
Quirky hand printed cards and stationary...retro style.
Beautiful contemporary stationary.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Response to Florence, Italy

It rained and rained and rained some more. Perhaps not the best way to see the city but i didn't enjoy Florence except for the coffee and biscuits. However i created a small collection of designs. My feet hurt from all the walking on cobbles, the designer fashion was incredibly concentrated and the roads were wet. This is what i came up with.