Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Return of the birds!

As i unpacked some of my things at the new studio it felt as though i was discovering old friends. These birds and birdhouses were part of my MA midway show, September 2008 when i showcased an interpretation of my Hawthorn tree in my garden which i love to work under (weather permitting), a constant source of inspiration and entertainment. Birds visit to feed, rest and have the odd natter , each revealing their own character or personality.
The raggety crow that sauntered up and down the fence reminded me of an old rastafarian!
Two doves nested and reared their young chicks, so gentle and very pretty.
Hemp and ramie mix fabric, digitally printed to produce a series of bird cushions.

Monday, 21 September 2009


The MA is over, just the graduation in October to look forward to.
I have a new project on the go, a small studio/shop about 100 yds from St.Agnes Beach in and amongst loads of talented Artists/Designers and Makers. Trevaunance Cove Workshops. I move in this week and officially start trading as 'Vicki-Sue Designs' on the 1st October.
These are a few before shots i took today whilst measuring up.

Small but everything i need.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Private View - 3rd September 2009

Yoga Libra Caravan

I have been largely inspired by a need to create a space for my yoga and meditation practise. Excited by the endless possibilities of modern digital technologies, I have aimed to challenge your perceptions through material applications.

In our current economic climate, more and more Britons are staying at home for their holidays and making the most of our beautiful country and stunning coastlines. Caravanning has been boosted this year by 80% as people try to save money and begin to enjoy getting back to nature and rediscovering simple pleasures.

Part of my aim was to add a little bit of inexpensive luxury to caravanning in an innovative and thought provoking way. The imagery is not what it at first appears to be – look closely.

The interior showcases my digital textiles and digital surface design. I have produced a series of jacquard woven fabrics, digitally printed cushions, and upholstery and lazercut designs.

The interior is designed as a personal meditation space. The altar cloth has been woven white on white with the symbols of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the four crucial elements essential for an altar. The lotus flower and Om symbols are entwined into the design as an offering to the yogic philosophy.

I have taken my design and shown real versatility through the use of a variety of material processes. The outcome reveals a myriad of possibilities, opportunities and surprises.