Sunday, 21 June 2009

Caravan in progress - update

The van has all the 'building' work finished and is completely white now inside. Next weekend the carpet is going to be fitted.
I have made 4 roman blinds for the back windows from my jacquard weave. They look and fit great. The shrine cloth is finished as are the 2 towels and pair of yoga pants which have been digitally embroidered. Next is all the cushions, the front blind and then the awning.
Then I will produce a blanket, yoga mat and 2 stools, one for meditation and the other as a caravan step.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Jacquard Power loom

Taking an MA in Textiles has given me the opportunity to try weaving again. I was taught basic weave in the 1st year of my degree and loved the process up to the point of sitting in front of the loom repetivily pushing a shuttle to and fro.
With Jacquard weaving i am able to work digitally which is my passion, still being fairly mathmatical about the preparation but not doing the weave.
These images show the loom with my fabrics till attached. The fabrics are for the shrine as an altar cloth.

Caravan in progress

Work on the caravan is going really well and i am on target with my time management plan.
The van is booked into Perran Signs to have the exterior done on the 3rd August so the 2nd is my deadline. These photos are of the day i picked the van up from Devon. It is a 1971 Astral Scout, 3 berth. However i feel that you need to be very friendly to get three sleeping comfortably in there!
I love the stable door!

Pictures of the interior before i began work on it. These images show how dark, cramped and beige it was in there!

This is a WIP picture, the inners ripped out and new wood boxings for the shrine/altar, a small seat, and 2 small shelves for speakers have been built with the help of Eric my partner. This shows how i have left the double bed area in which will be transformed into a meditation platform which will be carpeted. Most of the inside has 3 coats of white. The woodwork is going to be covered with upvc (except the shrine). This will hide a multitude of cracks and sins!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Caravan mock-Up

I've had a really productive day today, a meeting with all the MA students who are graduating in September and Katie (Lecturer) to talk logistics of the show. A great catch-up with Andy my course leader to talk about my work and went to see Perran signs and have booked the caravan in for the 3rd of August to have the exterior done.
Paul asked me to do a clear mock-up on Photoshop of what I want the van to look like, placement of the imagery etc. This is the image i've sent.