Thursday, 8 November 2007

Symbolic Defiance

Political expression and imagery have found their way into contemporary middle eastern textiles.

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lizzie ridout said...

hi vic
from your email, and looking at this post it got me thinking about ways that textiles are used beyond just fashion. so as a way to tell a story or communicate something. i already mentioned that the suffragettes embroidered a handkerchief with all their names and sent it the then prime minister as a way to demonstrate their anger at being unable to vote. by being embroidered, rather than written, it has a particular tone of voice and speaks volumes about the mediums for communication that were available to women at that time.

you may have already seen it, but if not, it might be worth looking at 'the subversive stitch' by rosika parker, to follow up some of these thoughts.

in terms of your customised skirt project - i was thinking about when i was in mexico earlier this year. the women in the villages to the south of mexico city all wore very similar shaped white tops, each with very different styles of embroidery, relating to the village that they came from. you could tell when you were passing from one village to another by the necklines on the women's tops. apparently historically these designs would also tell stories about the life of the wearer, symbolically. i have some pictures if you're interested.