Wednesday, 2 July 2008

My current work

Inspired by the abundance of wildlife that visits my garden, i have took time out to really observe the birds that feast in my hawthorn tree, discovering the characteristics and personalities of the various species and the individuals that return day after day. The one legged seagull that gets bullied by all the others but still manages to survive, has been named 'stumpy' original and possibly very personal but he really doesn't seem to mind as long as he gets fed. The laid back crows that saunter along the fence and then just help themselves regardless of who is about. The theiving magpies that tend to frighten everything else away (except the doves and crows), such beautiful creatures but really mean, they know our dog's feeding time and sit on the fence until Mac takes a break and walks away then they dive down, fill up and return until they've stolen it all. The little Dunnocks prefer to feed from the ground and tend to come around mid-morning when everyone else has been and gone, so i put seeds and friut out for them, occasionally i get the dried mealworms for them as a treat. Once a month I make a load of cakes for them all, despite it not being a special occasion.

Bird cakes
3 Blocks of Lard
Wildbird seed
Dried fruit
Melt the lard in a large pan and add all the ingredients until the lard can't absorb any more. Spoon into cake cases and any other throw away trays or pots, press down firmly and put in the fridge to set. Once set you can store in a cool cupbard or shed, take out as use as required. The appreciation and amusement you will receive is priceless.
Feeding the birds gives me the opportunity to really study, draw and photograph them. I am using the findings to produce 3d digitally printed soft sculpted birds and birdhouses to match their characters.

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